Advanced 5PP Workshop Survey


What issues/topics would you like to see addressed in an Advanced Workshop on the 5 Personality Patterns?

Assume that everyone there will have either attended the Intro Workshop or read the book, so they'll be familiar with the basic info on the patterns.


Please rate how much you'd like to see each issue addressed.

1 = Not much.      5 = Definitely!

The developmental stages that lead to the creation of the patterns
How each pattern is formed
How the patterns become self-perpetuating
How to develop the Inner Witness
How to attend to raw sensory experience
How to dis-identify from the Inner Critic
How to develop a felt sense of Core
How to develop a felt sense of Ground
How to develop an energetic Edge/Boundary
How to energetically separate Me from Not Me
The principles behind the personality patterns
The talents and gifts of each pattern
The typical body shape and body signs of each pattern
The psychology of each pattern: beliefs, fears, defenses, personality traits, patterned thoughts, feelings, and actions.
The relationship and communication style of each pattern: sex and romance, conflict, how to connect, compliment, make a request, hold space for them.
Combinations of patterns within a person and how primary and secondary patterns work
Signs you're in each pattern and how to get yourself out
Ways to get yourself out of pattern in general
Healing each of the patterns
Your suggestion?

Your suggestion?

Your suggestion?

Would you like to see a live 5PP workshop (either Intro or Advanced) offered near you?

What nearby big city would you suggest?

Would you be able to help out in some way?
- help get the word out?
- help find the workshop venue?
- sponsor it?
- assist during the workshop?

If so, please add your name and email so I can contact you.

        Thanks so much for your help!


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At the Intro Workshop, you’ll get to know the 5 patterns up close and personal. You’ll discover how they work and which ones you do.
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Want Some Help?

Ideally, you'll discover which patterns you go into as you read the book, but I've also created a survey to help you.
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