Put the Story Aside

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Whenever you’re in pattern or in any kind of emotional reaction, you are telling yourself a story about what is happening. But the story comes from your past.  It comes from something that happened to you then, but may not be happening to you now. It’s a conditioned response. Whenever that button gets pushed, that story plays out in your head in living color. But it’s from the past, so it actually clouds your awareness of the present. And it causes you to feel the emotions that go with the story, not the emotions that go with what is actually happening right now. Our minds like to make up...

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What Do You Want More Of ?

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Energetic Principles  The first principle of the energetic world is that “energy follows thought.” This means that when you put your attention on something, your energy also goes there. You begin sending energy to the object of your attention. You’re doing it right now by putting your attention on these words. You also do it when you tie your shoes, remember a kiss, or fear a rejection. As you put your attention on each of these things, some of your energy goes there. The second principle of the energetic world is that “energy feeds things.” This means that...

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The Secret Behind All Meditation Practices

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Maybe you’ve done various forms of meditation. Maybe you’ve done several kinds of yoga. Maybe you’ve had a prayer practice or a gratitude practice. But have you ever asked yourself, What’s behind all of these practices? What are they all trying to do? What’s the foundation of all of them? The answer is, they’re all attentional practices. They all make you practice holding your attention on one thing. They all instruct you to focus on one object of attention. When your attention moves away, they all tell you to bring it back. Training Your Attention...

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