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This is the skill of holding your attention on and feeling the center of your own body. It is what gives you a felt sense of self. It is required to reference yourself and perceive what you actually feel and want. It is the deepest and most real proof that you actually exist. To acquire this skill, you need to develop a felt sense of the core of your physical body.

The core of your body is a column that runs vertically through the center of your torso, like the trunk of a tree. Your core is the part of your body where you are the most you. When you want to feel your self, this is the place to look. When you want to know how you feel, this is the place to sense into. If you want to build a stronger felt sense of self, putting your attention on your core is the place to start.  If you want to develop self-confidence, this is the way to do it.

These recordings will introduce you to your own core and guide you through the process of sensing it.

Core – Introduction.mp3  —  24 minutes
Core Practice.mp3  —  8 minutes

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