Filling Your Space

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Filling Your Space

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This is the skill of filling your personal space, also known as your bubble, with your own life energy.  Many people struggle through life within a bubble that is so full of other people’s energy, thoughts, and feelings that they cannot find themselves.  Filling your space with your own life energy will restore your clarity about who you are and what you feel, as well as boost your self-confidence.  Originally known as the Doubt Shout, this practice is a simple, easy way to clear self-doubt out of your system.

This practice is also especially helpful to everyone who uses the Enduring safety strategy, as it restores your bubble to its full size and re-fills it with your own life energy, which supports you in re-claiming your own space and coming out of the Enduring pattern.

This video will introduce you to the skill of filling your space and guide you in practicing it.

Filling Your Space – Introduction and Practice.mp4  —  12 minutes


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