Soft Eyes, Soft Belly, Soft Heart & Wiggle Your Butt

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Soft Eyes, Soft Belly, Soft Heart & Wiggle Your Butt

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These two practices will help you shift your attention out of your head and into your heart and belly centers.  For anyone who spends too much time in their head, these are great skills to have.  If you do the Rigid pattern, developing either of these two skills will help you shift out of pattern quickly and easily.

As their names imply, these two practices give you two different paths for getting out of your head and out of pattern.  The first is a softening practice, something that you can do any time that you want to soften your attitude and shift more into your heart center.  If you’ve ever been accused of “not listening” or getting “rigid” or being stuck in your head, this practice is for you.

The second practice is just pure fun.  If you’ve ever thought that you might be a bit too serious or have trouble letting go and just enjoying the moment, this practice is for you.  And you can do it in 5 seconds!  Wouldn’t you like to have a way to change your whole attitude in just 5 seconds?

These audio recordings will introduce you to these two skills and guide you in practicing them.


 Soft Eyes & Wiggle Your Butt – Introduction.mp3 —  2 minutes

Soft Eyes, Soft Belly, Soft Heart – Practice.mp3 — 15 minutes

Wiggle Your Butt – Practice.mp3 — 3 minutes


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