Tying Your Fibers

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Tying Your Fibers

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This is the skill of retrieving your own attention from all the places you have put it in the past and then absentmindedly left some of it.  Many people have left so much of their attention in so many forgotten places that they have little left for attending to the present moment, the here and now.  Learning this practice will give you a simple, easy way to retrieve your attention and strengthen your ability to focus on the present moment.

Learning to corral your attention this way will also help you stop unconsciously invading other people’s bodies and space by sending your attention into them and poking around in there to see what you can discover.  If others have declared you to be invasive or “creepy”, doing this practice will likely diminish that problem.

This video will introduce you to the skill of tying your fibers and guide you in practicing it.

Tying Your Fibers – Introduction and Practice.mp4  —  9 minutes


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