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Of course, your first step in discovering which survival patterns you go into is to read the book and grasp the map of the 5 personality patterns described there. When in distress, most people go into two pattens, one after the other. First, they go into their primary survival pattern. Then, if that pattern is not working to manage their distress, they switch into their secondary, or backup, survival pattern. To get your book and learn more, please click here.






But just using your own impressions is not enough. To see the complete picture, you need to get reflections from your community, especially those who know you well. Why?
– Because each of us sees only our own slice of reality, not the full picture.
– Because what we see is distorted by our own survival patterns, making them harder to see.
– Because none of us can see into our own blind spots.

So you need the help of your community to create a clear and complete Personality Profile showing you which patterns you go into.

I’ve created a way for you get those reflections in a safe, friendly way. To create your Personality Profile, please go to http://tributr.com/customer/XWEg3r7tJgJTyGufg

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Want Some Help?

The Personality Profile survey will help you discover which patterns you go into.
Go to the survey


"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." -- Goethe
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